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Information about Playing Casino Video

Playing Casino Video PokerVideo poker is an increasingly popular computerised slot machine game, available in many of the larger casinos. Following the main rules of standard casino five-card games, the aim of video poker is to create the highest ranking hand possible.

All of the relevant payout odds in video poker are clearly displayed on the casino's slot machine and games are often played at a fairly fast pace. It is also not possible to bluff when playing in this way.

About Playing Casino Deuces Wild Video

Deuces wild video poker is an exciting version of five-card draw. The main difference with deuces wild video poker is that all of the 2s can be used as wild cards, making it easier to obtain a fairly high ranking hand. A player holding a pair of aces, together with a 2, is then able to use the 2 as a wild card, representing a further ace to make three of a kind. The minimum ranking winning hand in the video game of deuces is three of a kind, with payout odds dependent upon how the hand ranks.

About Playing Casino Jacks or Better Video

Jacks or better video poker is without doubt one of the most games available in casinos. The video game of jacks or better poker is named after the lowest possible winning hand, which is a pair of jacks. All hands in this game rank according to standard rules.

About Playing Casino Joker Wild Video

Joker wild video poker follows the main rules of standard five-card draw, with the main difference being that it uses 53 screen playing cards, one of which is actually the joker. In the game of joker wild video poker, the joker is used as a wild card, increasing the possibility of obtaining a high ranking overall hand. Winnings are paid out depending upon the ranking of the player's hand, and odds can vary from between machines, with some joker wild video machines featuring an exciting, progressive jackpot.


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