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Information about Playing Casino Omaha

Playing Casino Omaha PokerThe casino gambling game of Omaha poker follows many of the main poker rules. Similar to Texas hold 'em, the main difference with Omaha poker is that each of the players receive a total of four playing cards, rather than just two playing cards, with five shared 'community cards'.

However, the winning hand consists of only two of the players own cards, together with any three of the shared community cards.

About Playing Casino Omaha: Beginning the Game

At the beginning of the game of Omaha poker, each of the players receive four separate cards, which are dealt by the casino dealer and placed face down on the table. Players are then able look at their four face-down playing cards and try to estimate the winning potential of their hand.

About Playing Casino Omaha: Betting

The player seated to the left of the casino dealer starts the round of betting and once finished, the casino dealer three deals three of the community cards, placing them face up on the poker table, with a further round of betting following.

In Omaha poker, the fourth community card is the dealt face up, followed by a round of betting, and then the remaining fifth community card is dealt face up.

About Playing Casino Omaha: Winning

The unusual aspect of Omaha poker is that as only two of the player's four cards are used to create the highest possible ranking, hands containing three or four of a kind are wasted, as only two of the player's cards can actually be used. Also, if a player receives a hand consisting of three of a kind, the odds of the fourth card appearing when the community cards are dealt are reduced.

Winning hands in Omaha poker generally consist of the player's hand including either a high-value pair of cards, or two cards of the same suit, which has the potential of created a flush, or possibly even a straight flush.


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