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Playing Casino Seven-Card Stud PokerThe casino gambling game of seven-card stud poker follows the main rules, with many similarities, but the main difference between this game and most other poker games is that each of the players receive a total of seven playing cards, rather than five playing cards.

About Playing Casino Seven-Card Stud: Beginning the Game

At the beginning of the game of seven-card stud poker, each poker player receives three separate cards, which are dealt by the casino dealer. One of the cards is dealt facing up, revealed to all of the other players. The other two playing cards are dealt facing down and players are able look at their two face-down playing cards at this stage of the game and assess their hand.

About Playing Casino Seven-Card Stud: Betting

The player with the lowest value card on display begins the betting, and this is known as a 'forced poker bet', indicated by the game's marker which is also often known as the 'button'. After the first round of betting finishes, the casino dealer deals another card to each of the players, with a further round of betting.

In seven-card stud poker, the fourth, fifth and sixth cards are all dealt face up, with betting after each round. The seventh playing card is then dealt face down and each of the players then have hands of seven cards, four are which are on display. At each round of betting in seven-card stud poker, the player with the highest ranking hand on display begins the betting.

About Playing Casino Seven-Card Stud: Winning

As each additional face-up hand is dealt, players are able to openly view and assess the possible ranking of other player's hands, betting accordingly. By rating the competition and other hands in this way, many seven-card stud players may cut their losses and choose to fold early on in the game if their hand appears to be outranked.

Seven-card stud poker players are also able to exercise a level of skill as the game progresses, assessing and comparing each of the other hands on view. Winning hands in this game tend to be three of a kind, or two pairs, although the outcomes are generally quite unpredictable, due to the possibility of bluffing, aggressive and confident betting, and other players choosing to fold their hands during the game.


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