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Information about Playing Casino Caribbean Stud

Playing Casino Caribbean Stud PokerCaribbean stud poker is very much a major casino game, attracting a loyal following a gamblers. Using many of the main rules, the main difference with Caribbean stud poker is that the casino actually acts as the banker, paying out all of the winnings and collecting player's losing bets.

In casinos, the card table can seat up to seven players and consists of a special layout. The game of Caribbean stud poker is played with a standard deck of playing cards, with players only concentrating on the casino dealer's hand and not each others. In this game, players are not able to bluff as they are playing directly against the casino dealer and are unable to force the dealer to fold.

About Playing Casino Caribbean Stud: Beginning the Game

At the start of the game of Caribbean stud poker, each of the players make an initial bet by placing their chips in the table's ante box. Five cards are then dealt to each of the players, face down on the table. The casino dealer also deals themselves five cards, although the dealer's fifth card in Caribbean stud poker is dealt face up.

About Playing Casino Caribbean Stud: Betting

Once players have assessed their hand of cards, they decide whether to bet or fold. When betting in Caribbean stud poker, bets of twice the initial ante are placed in the table's raise box. Once all bets have be placed on the table, the casino dealer then begins to reveal their down cards.

About Playing Casino Caribbean Stud: Winning

Player's holding a higher ranking hand than the casino dealer's hand win, with their winning bets being paid out at odds of evens, and a possible bonus is also paid, depending on the score and ranking of their hand. Bonuses in Caribbean stud poker are paid as follows:

  • Straight Flush - 50 to 1
  • Four of a Kind - 20 to 1
  • Full House - 7 to 1
  • Flush - 6 to 1
  • Straight - 4 to 1
  • Three of a Kind - 3 to 1
  • Two Pairs - 2 to 1
  • One Pair - evens


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