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Information about Joining a Game

Poker Tips, Chips, Etiquette and ScoringIn most busy casinos, a number of different poker games are often being played at the same time. Players may need to wait to join one of the casino's games and new players are usually required to register at the casino in order to join the game.

Once registered, potential players are placed on a casino list and are then notified by casino staff once a place is available at the relevant poker table.

Information about Chips

Most casinos only allow players to purchase casino chips before joining the game, and not during the actual game of poker. These casino chips must last the whole game and should remain on the table at all times.

Minimum betting stakes in poker are generally fairly low, although the total number of chips required to play the game generally needs to be fairly large. Most games of poker require the following number of chips to be purchased before beginning the game:

  • Five Card Draw Poker - at least 40 times the minimum table bet
  • Seven Card Stud Poker - at least 50 times the minimum table bet
  • Omaha Poker - at least 100 times the minimum table bet
  • Texas Hold 'Em - at least 100 times the minimum table bet

Information about Etiquette

As with most gambling games at card tables in casinos, poker players are not permitted to touch anything other than their own playing cards and chips. Players must ensure that their chips remain on the table and that their playing cards are always visible.

Poker players must also ensure that their hand is always hidden to other players, taking care not to drop or expose any cards. In the instance that a player accidentally sees one or more cards in another player's hand, the hand may become 'dead' and is automatically excluded from the particular game.

Chips should never be thrown across the table or into the main pot. Instead, any bets must always be placed directly in front of the player, and the casino dealer instructed accordingly. The casino dealer will then check that the bet is correct and move the chip to the table's pot.

If necessary, players are permitted to leave the table for a short period of time, between poker games. Some casinos imposed strict time limits for breaks during games, and poker players will automatically lose their place at the table if they do not return within the agreed time.


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