Playing Casino Five-Card Draw Poker

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Information about Playing Casino Five-Card Draw

Playing Casino Five-Card Draw PokerAt the start of a game of five-card draw poker, players are dealt a hand of five cards, face down.

After the casino dealer has finished dealing all cards, the players are able to look at their cards and quickly assess the potential of their hand, betting accordingly.

About Playing Casino Five-Card Draw: Betting

After betting, poker players are able to discard any of their cards, in exchange for new cards dealt by the casino dealer. Most five-card draw players choose to fold on hands with rankings of less than a pair of sixes. By carefully observing how many cards have been discarded by other five-card draw players, each player is able to assess the potential strength of their existing hand and the other players.

Betting and play in five-card draw poker always moves in a clockwise direction around the table, and in many games it becomes a test of nerve and confidence between two players.

About Playing Casino Five-Card Draw: Winning

The best hand in five-card draw poker is not necessarily the hand of cards that wins the game, which is often due to confident playing bluffing, convincing the other players around the table to fold and withdraw their cards from the game.


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